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Marketing  |  Distribution  |  Strategy


Slingshot Films offers distributors and filmmakers essential marketing services for direct-to-audience engagement.

Tactics include community outreach, promotional and non-profit partnerships, screening programs, social action and social media. Whether for theatrical, VOD, DVD or educational distribution, our services can be customized to fit a client’s needs.

Through producing her own films, Slingshot Films’ founder, Amy Slotnick, discovered that distributors and filmmakers need community engagement and outreach to directly reach a film’s target audience.

She developed a model for proactive, community-based marketing, which can be applied to films of all genres and sizes, in order to maximize a film’s full potential.

With this approach we increase awareness and revenues for clients, create expansive screening programs and facilitate licensing deals on all platforms.


Slingshot can activate and support a film’s release through all distribution channels – theatrical, VOD, DVD, Educational.

With a tactical approach we target a film’s most relevant communities and customers, who are poised to engage and become a film’s advocate.

We directly reach unique segments, through online, community and theatrical viewing. This approach maximizes revenues and minimizes costs, while building awareness and accelerating change.


A grassroots strategy can amplify awareness and build longevity for inspirational, entertaining and compelling films.

Slingshot provides one-on-one consulting to develop a proactive, impact strategy for filmmakers.
Consulting services can be customized and offer practical guidance on all aspects of a film’s outreach and distribution — grassroots audience engagement, partnerships with key influencers and organizations, social media best practices, educational programs and community screening campaigns.
Our strategy consultation prevents the mistakes that cause delays and increase expense, while enabling a film to most efficiently reach its audience.