Slingshot Films | The Gate: The Dawn of the Baha’i Faith
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The Gate: The Dawn of the Baha’i Faith

Marketing, Outreach, Screening Campaign, Strategy
About This Project

Date: January 2018 – January 2019

Target Audience: For this documentary about the origins of the Baha’i Faith, Slingshot Films targeted the primary audience of 6 million Baha’is worldwide, as well as a secondary audience of Interfaith organizations, New Thought and Unity churches, University programs in religious and Middle Eastern studies, spirituality-related organizations and relevant influencers.

Outreach & Screening Campaign: Slingshot led outreach efforts to reach the film’s target and secondary audiences, and managed communications with Baha’i National Spiritual Assemblies in 50+ countries. Over 500 community screenings plus educational licenses were booked over a 7 month period and given promotional and logistical support by Slingshot, to result in successful community and educational events.

CRM & Email Support: Developed and implemented a CRM system using Salesforce to track engagement with customers, supporters and potential partners, and Mailchimp for email list building and outreach campaigns.

Webstore: Managed e-commerce site, fulfillment and customer service for VOD & DVD releases, screening campaigns and educational sales.

Distribution: Over 500 Community Screenings, VOD and DVD distribution through all major digital platforms and filmmaker website,