Slingshot Films | Impact Marketing and Distribution
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Impact Producer

Activate a targeted and integrated media, distribution and outreach campaign to get your film to the right audience.

  • Generate Awareness and Buzz
  • Marketing Through All Distribution Channels
  • Social Media Campaigns to Build & Engage Audience
  • Digital PR
  • Reach a Targeted Audience
  • Community Engagement and Screening Campaigns
  • Educational Programs
  • DVD and VOD Release
  • Distribution and Marketing Strategy Plans
  • One-on-One Outreach Consulting
  • Strategic Partnering with Organizations
  • Crowdfunding Campaign Management

About Us

Slingshot Films works with distributors, filmmakers and agencies to engage a targeted audience for a film’s theatrical, VOD, DVD and international releases.

Using community outreach, social action, non-profit partnerships and social media, Slingshot achieves outstanding results for its clients – results that are not always possible with a traditional approach or limited budgets.

We proactively build a film’s audience, create expansive screening programs and facilitate licensing deals on all platforms. In some instances, our social action work has resulted in effecting changes to policy of national organizations.

DSC06057 2Slingshot founder, Amy Slotnick, has extensive experience in the distribution, marketing and production of independent films. In the release of her own films, she found direct distribution and grassroots marketing strategies built impact and advocacy, while increasing revenues.

Amy’s films have played at major festivals, including Sundance, Venice, Cannes and Toronto, and received commercial and critical success, earning eight Academy Award nominations and two Oscar wins.

Amy Slotnick has an MBA in Marketing from New York University’s Stern School of Business and a BS in Film from Northwestern University.


Distribution, Impact Producer, Marketing, Outreach, Social Media, Strategy
Distribution, Impact Producer, Marketing, Outreach, Screening Campaign, Social Media, Strategy
Distribution, Impact Producer, Outreach, Screening Campaign
Distribution, Impact Producer, Outreach, Screening Campaign, Strategy
Distribution, Impact Producer, Marketing, Social Media, Strategy

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